Making a Better World For Animals

Animals Now (formerly Anonymous for Animal Rights) is an Israeli non-profit organization, founded in 1994, with the sole purpose of creating a better world for animals.
We focus our activities in the following areas:


Exposing cruelty in factory farms


Promoting legislation to protect animals

Challenge 22

Helping people go vegan


Nurturing compassion in younger generations

Grassroots Activity

Raising public awareness about the reality of animals

Our Achievements

תמונת תקריב של תרנגולת לבנה

We Led Israel to the End of the Cage Age

We initiated a campaign which led to groundbreaking regulations, banning the use of cages in the egg industry, reducing the suffering of millions of animals. Our long-running struggle included intense political and legal activities, large public awareness campaigns, and corporate outreach.

Ban on Force-Feeding Ducks and Geese in Israel

We got the Israeli Supreme Court to rule that the force-feeding of ducks and geese violates the Animal Protection Act, and the entire industry was shut down.


We Put an End to Animal Circuses

We led a public campaign which brought about a ban on circuses using wild animals from entering Israel. In certain city jurisdictions all shows that involve animals of any kind were banned.

We Put an End to the Fur Trade in the Israeli Fashion Industry

For years we have promoted legislation to stop the fur trade. Thanks to the fight we led, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has approved an amendment to wildlife protection regulations - banning wildlife fur trade in the fashion industry.

הסוף לסחר בפרוות בישראל

No More Experiments on Animals in Schools

Our petitions, protests, letters and persistent action led the Ministry of Education to ban animal dissection in biology classes.

Bans on Animal Abuse in the Meat Industry

Prohibiting veal crates, limiting confinement of sows in gestation crates, preventing dehorning of cows without anesthesia, and more.

A picture of a lovely couple eating ice-cream in the city

We Created a Supportive Framework for Going Vegan

We guide hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to try a plant-based diet over a period of 22 days, accompanied by a team of experienced volunteers and professional clinical dietitians.

Meet our Superheroes

נעם ביאל

Noam Biel
Challenge 22 Director

סהר רימר

Sahar Riemer
Organization Development Consultant


Shira Hertzanu


Hila Keren
Head of Policy and Campaigns

רעות הורן

Reut Horn
Executive Director


Avimor Hadad
Video Manager


Masha Zobel
Administrative Coordinator

רוני פורסטנברג

Roni Furstenberg
Web Team Leader &
Activity Groups Manager

לי רוזנברג צנג

Lee Rozenberg Cang
Education Director

עומר גינזבורג

Omer Ginzburg
Environment Director

Board Members

עטר אברמסון

Atar Abramson


Neta Rosenthal

טל לבנה

Tal Livne