Creating a Better World For Animals

Animals Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better world for animals. After 28 years of fighting for animals worldwide we founded Animals Now International in the USA to broaden our reach and boost our impact.

We focus our activities in the following areas:


Exposing cruelty in factory farms

Legal Action

Protecting animals from abuse

Challenge 22

Helping people go vegan


Nurturing compassion in younger generations

Grassroots Activity

Raising public awareness about the reality of animals' lives

"Animals Now, Inc." is a US organization that partners with "Animals Now"' in the Middle East. Depending on the context, "Animals Now" may refer to "Animals Now, Inc" or "Animals Now" in the Middle East. Unless otherwise stated, references to any campaign activities before August 2022 refer to activities undertaken by Animals Now in the Middle East. "Animals Now" and "Animals Now, Inc." are separate entities and each entity has discretion over its own funds.

The Story So Far...

We began our mission to create a better world for animals when we established Animals Now (formerly Anonymous for Animal Rights) in Israel in 1994. Ever since, we have been fighting for animals worldwide, working to reduce suffering and save lives.

We have years of experience campaigning to free animals from the confines of cages, running investigations into the conditions they endure in animal agriculture, and empowering change across the world, from extensive educational programs to grassroots activism. We fought for – and won – the historic end to the fur trade in Israel, and our international vegan community program, Challenge 22, has helped over ¾ million people discover veganism.

Our Achievements

We have made significant strides in the fight for animal welfare and animal rights: winning a ban on cages in the egg industry, initiating an end to the horrific force-feeding of ducks and geese, and preventing circuses from using wild animals as entertainment. And we recently celebrated the groundbreaking ban on the trade of fur for fashion in Israel. We work together to build on this experience and expand our impact for animals across the world.

We Created a Supportive Framework for Going Vegan

Our project, Challenge 22, has empowered hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to discover plant-based food over a period of 22 days, accompanied by a team of experienced volunteers and professional clinical dietitians. This project provides crucial community and support for people in the transition to a more compassionate lifestyle. Operating in 12 languages, Challenge 22 makes a global impact and empowers everyday choices that make a huge difference to animals.

table top with vegan food and hands sharing and passing

We Uncovered the Abuse of Farmed Animals

Our professional investigators run extensive investigations that document animal abuses and shine a light on the suffering of animals across animal industries. This footage is crucial in uncovering the truth and pressuring those with the power to end these practices once and for all, reducing suffering and protecting the animals who currently exist within the structures we are working to abolish. We collaborate with PETA, the Open Wing Alliance, and other animal rights organizations to expose the horrifying reality that billions of animals endure.

צמד אפרוחים

We Fought Against Live Transport

Many animals are transported hundreds or even thousands of miles before they are slaughtered, enduring long, agonizing journeys in overcrowded and filthy conditions. Many of them become sick or injured and die during the journey, and many suffer blows, kicks and electric shocks during loading and unloading. We campaign to end this completely unnecessary abuse and call for a ban on live transports.

עגל במשלוחים החיים

Meet our Superheroes

Laura Radoi Challenge 22 Director

Laura Radoi
Challenge 22 Operations Manager

סהר רימר

Sahar Riemer
Organization Development Consultant


Shira Hertzanu


Hila Keren
Head of Policy and Campaigns

רעות הורן

Reut Horn
Executive Director


Avimor Hadad
Video Manager


Masha Zobel
Administrative Coordinator

רוני פורסטנברג

Roni Furstenberg
Web Team Leader &
Activity Groups Manager

לי רוזנברג צנג

Lee Rozenberg Cang
Education Director

עומר גינזבורג

Omer Ginzburg
Environment Director

Board Members

Ariel Kedem  |  Atar Abramson  |  Amanda Lynn Saunders