Challenge 22

Spreading veganism worldwide by making it fun, easy, and personal

Challenge 22 is recognized as one of the most effective projects for introducing people to veganism in a supportive and positive environment. Over 800,000 people have accepted the challenge so far!

We designed our 22-day online program so that people can learn about a plant-based diet and form new vegan habits – without facing worries about nutrition, what to eat when going vegan, or the feeling of being alone in a non-vegan world.

We inspire people to discover a plant-based diet by following daily challenges and engaging with an active community. We meet people where they are and address common concerns about vegan nutrition and life in a non-vegan world. This is how we create a real and lasting shift towards compassionate eating habits.

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Animals Now established Challenge 22 in March 2014 to provide the first truly hands-on, community-based program designed to introduce people to veganism in an accessible, sympathetic, and friendly way. Where participants of other vegan challenges may only receive a weekly email, our dedicated volunteers and vegan dietitians provide personal support and a thriving vegan community. We created this program to be there for new vegans and reducetarians, to be a joyful example of veganism, and to normalize vegan food and animal rights issues.
All this is only possible thanks to our wonderful volunteers from all corners of the globe. Our mentors do incredible work assisting people as they experience a vegan lifestyle. Are you a passionate vegan who would love to support others on their plant-based journey? Join our mentor team!

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And the Challenge 22 community just keeps on growing! A vital part of Challenge 22 is our Community Program, which shares our tried-and-tested recipe for success with organizations worldwide, supporting them as they develop their own local vegan challenges. We have collaborated with 12 organizations, and those Challenges welcomed another 86,000 new participants in 2021! Projects in Thailand, Romania, New Zealand, Croatia, and Vietnam are just some of those recently joining us on our mission to show the world the benefits of veganism!