Why do we need to stop animal farming?


So He Won’t Be All Alone

The calf is separated from his mother at birth. If he was born in Israel, his skin will be branded with a number using a hot iron or freeze brand. If he arrived in a transport from Australia or Europe, he endures a horrific journey in an overcrowded ship while standing in his own excretions. Over the few months before the slaughter, he is imprisoned in an overcrowded fattening pen. At the slaughterhouse, workers force the frightened calf to move faster using electric shockers and metal prods. His throat will be slit while he is fully conscious, convulsing in agony.

So She Can Run Free

In the dairy industry, a cow will be inseminated over and over, because this is the only way her body will produce milk. Immediately after birth, her baby will be taken from her, causing her immense distress. Genetic mutation and intensive milking force her to produce 6 times the amount of milk she normally would. She will suffer from diseases, disabilities and pain. Her udders' immense weight will weigh them down until they are dragging on the filthy cowshed floor, causing infections in her teats. Once her milk production decreases, she will be dragged to the slaughterhouse in agony, and be killed.


So This Mother and Her Baby Can Be Together

A chick born into the broiler chicken industry will spend his short life confined in an overcrowded, suffocating cage. The ammonia fumes emanating from the urine and feces will make it difficult for him to breathe, often causing skin damage and blindness. In order to increase his chance of survival in these bleak conditions, he will be pumped full of antibiotics. His body has been genetically modified to increase breast growth, but the rest of his body, both organs and limbs, are smaller. As a result, he will be crushed by the weight of his own body, leaving him crippled and disfigured for his entire life. At the age of 40 days, he will be crammed into a truck and transported to the slaughterhouse. There, the workers will slit his throat, leaving him to bleed and convulse to death while hanging upside down.

So She Can Spread Her Wings

A hen in the egg industry will spend her life in an overcrowded cage, unable to spread her wings. Her beak will be painfully sliced off with a hot blade and without any anesthesia. When the egg-laying period ends, she will be starved for ten days in order to cause her body to go into shock, which will renew and increase egg-laying. When she is two years old, she will be electrocuted to death while hung from her legs from a moving conveyor belt.


So We Can End His Pain

Fish have nervous systems, and experience pain and fear. When caught on rod and reel, the fish suffers a pierced mouth or tongue, as well as internal damage, when the hook is swallowed. Fish trapped in commercial nets endure tortuous injuries and slow painful deaths. When the net is lifted up, the sudden change in pressure will cause swelling accompanied by sharp pain. Most fish in the industry die from suffocation or freezing while still alive and fully conscious. The crowding in industrial fish tanks is 17,500 times of that in nature. Feces and pollutants that accumulate in these tanks will cause severe injuries: choking, skin infections, open wounds, destruction of the gills, parasites, burns, blindness and death.

So He Can See Sunlight

In the pork industry, a pig will spend his short life in a crowded pen, never being let out to walk freely. When he’s only a few days old, his testicles will be cut off, some of his teeth will be pulled out, and his tail will be severed - all without anesthesia. His mother will be used as a breeding machine for her entire life until her body is exhausted, and she too, is sent to slaughter.


What can we do?

As consumers, we have so much power! We can choose not to fund this violence by opting for plant-based foods. Each and every one of us can save lives. Every meal matters.

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