Enforce The Animal Protection Act

The Israeli Animal Protection Act states that the responsibility to enforce the law is under the Ministry of Agriculture. However, the Ministry of Agriculture neglects to enforce the law because its interests are aligned with the the interests of animal factory farms. As a result, animals in factory farms are left abandoned, with no one to look out for even their basic well being.
Therefore, we call on the government to transfer the responsibility for enforcing the Animal Protection Act from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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A committee set up by the Israeli Prime Minister to examine the ministerial responsibility for the Israeli Animal Protection Act, is set to convene in the near future. The committee was established in 2013, and in 2015 the government accepted it’s recommendations and imbedded them into the government’s Resolution 833. It stated that The Ministry of Agriculture must make a series of dramatic changes in the implementation of the law. However, in the time since, the Ministry of Agriculture failed to make the changes ordered by the government's resolution.
The ongoing disregard for the Animal Protection Act demands that conclusions be drawn, and that all aspects of the law must be consolidated under the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

What else can we do?

As consumers, we have so much power! We can choose not to fund the industries that abuse the animals by opting for plant-based foods.

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