Stop Live Transports

Hundreds of thousands of animals are transported to Israel each year, in agonizing journeys from Australia and Europe, in overcrowded and filthy conditions. Many of them become sick or injured and die during the journey, and often endure blows, kicks and electric shocks during loading and unloading. We call upon the Minister of Agriculture to end this unnecessary abuse and outlaw live transports.

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What are Live Transports?

Many people don’t know that some of the meat sold in Israel comes from animals transported across continents and seas, known as “live transports”, only so they can be fattened and slaughtered in Israel. In 2018, the number of victims of live transports reached 685,813 cows and sheep.

Animals Now is leading the public campaign to stop live transports, along with our partners at Let the Animals Live. We are working with the Knesset and the government, calling for legal action, initiating media campaigns and organizing petitions and protests to keep public pressure on the issue.

A survey we conducted showed that 86% of Israelis support legislation to stop live transports. 60 rabbis, including members of the Chief Rabbinate Council, joined a public statement calling to stop live transports. 245 lawyers signed a petition calling for the end of live transports, due to excessive abuse, which violates Israel’s Animal Protection Act.


Latest Updates

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