Stop Live Transports

Live transport refers to the thousands of animals transported across land and sea, all over the world. Individuals are crammed into filthy, tightly packed containers and conditions are appallingly inhumane. Many animals become sick, hurt, and die during the journey, and our investigations have shown animals being kicked and electrically shocked. They experience arduous and terrifying journeys, only to be fattened and slaughtered when they finally arrive at their destination. Our campaign calls for a ban on live transports and we are fighting to bring an end to this abuse.


Animals Now is leading a public campaign to stop live transports, along with our partners at ‘Let the Animals Live’. We are calling for legal action, initiating media campaigns, and organizing petitions and protests to keep public pressure on the issue.


A survey we conducted showed massive public support – 86% of those asked support legislation to stop live transports. Hundreds of lawyers signed a petition calling for an end to live transports, due to clear violations of animal protection legislation.


Live transport is a global issue – Animals Now has been working tirelessly to expose this cruel and unnecessary practice. Together we must keep fighting for a world where animals everywhere no longer have to endure these long and inhumane journeys.

Join us to keep the pressure on those in power, take animals off live transport, and create a better world for animals.

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Latest Updates

New Zealand bans live transport

September 2022

In a historic decision, New Zealand has approved legislation to ban all types of live transport from the country. New Zealand stopped the shipments of calves and lambs for fattening and slaughter back in 2008, and now takes the decisive action of also banning live transport for breeding purposes.

The price of live shipments: 16,000 sheep drowned in the Red Sea

June 2022

Of the 15,800 sheep packed onto the ship only 700 were rescued from the water, and they are all in a bad condition and not expected to survive. The rest were abandoned to a slow and agonizing death, flailing in a desperate attempt to get another breath of air, while their lungs slowly filled with water.

Cases of mass drowning in live delivery ships occur again and again. Just two years ago, 41 crew members and over 6,000 cows were killed in the sinking of a ship leaving New Zealand. This led the New Zealand government to announce a total ban on live shipments, including for breeding purposes. A year earlier, a live transport ship leaving Romania sank with about 14,000 sheep on board.

Following the Animals Now investigation: 17 complaints about the live transport industry

December 2021

Our large-scale investigation found extreme cases of violence, cruelty, and neglect and was aired on national news. Animals Now filed 16 reports of animal welfare offenses to the Ministry of Agriculture and another report of environmental offenses to the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The animal abuse cases reported by our investigators constitute serious criminal offenses.

Knesset passes bill to end live transports in preliminary reading

Government supports bill to end live transports

60 senior rabbis call for end to live shipments

What else can we do?

As consumers, we have so much power! We can choose not to fund this violence by opting for plant-based foods.

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