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“It's exciting to meet parents choosing to educate their children to be compassionate towards animals. It gives me strength in this crazy world; it gives me hope.”

Gilia, Challenge 22+ Mentor

עומר שלומי מתנדב בעמותת אנימלס

“I felt like I’m doing the thing I love the most, and that I’m helping animals. I really believe, with my entire being, that advocacy and activism are the key when it comes to raising awareness about veganism and animal suffering.”

Omer, Coordinator of Animals Now’s Vegan Chapter at Ben Gurion University

עומר שלומי מתנדב בעמותת אנימלס
טליה חיים פעילה בעמותת אנימלס

“With activism, I feel like I can express myself and give of myself for the sake of animals. Whether it’s demonstrations, advocacy booths, lectures or any other activity, I give it my all, because I understand that the power is in our hands.”

Talia, Activist in Haifa

טליה חיים פעילה בעמותת אנימלס