Ban Chicken Cages

Update: Victory! The Israeli parliament passed new regulations that BAN cages in the egg industry!

The new regulations prohibit the construction of new chicken cages, and set a timeline for phasing out the existing cages.

Thank you to the thousands of supporters who fought for the chickens!

The Israeli Government plans to give the local egg industry hundreds of millions of shekels, in order to build cramped cages for egg laying hens. These cruel battery cages have been banned by progressive countries.

If built, millions of hens will be sentenced to life. A hen in a cage will never see the light of day; she will never play in the sand; never be able to spread her wings.

Many Israelis are calling out to the Israeli government: we will not agree for our tax money to be used to build animal torture facilities!
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What’s next?

We still have many challenges ahead of us. Making sure the regulations are enforced, shortening the transition period, and further improving the welfare of hens in cage-free facilities.

Meanwhile, each and every person who chooses to replace eggs (as well as meat, fish, and dairy) with plant-based options today, is making a hugely meaningful contribution to this fight. Our final goal remains to end the exploitation of all chickens in the egg industry, and all animals in all other industries. We will get there, step by step.