Animals Now works to advance laws that improve protection for animals. Our representatives participate in discussions in the Knesset, providing information and data to Knesset members from across the political spectrum, including ministers, and professional ranks of government ministries, in order to promote bills and parliamentary processes for animal protection, as well as strengthen enforcement of existing legislation.

The initiatives which we are leading include: the ban on live shipments of calves and lambs from Australia and Europe to be fattened and slaughtered in Israel, transferring the authorities over the Animal Welfare Act from the Ministry of Agriculture and consolidating them under the Ministry of Environmental Protection, considering animal welfare in planning agricultural reforms, and the fight against plans to funnel public funds into abusive industries - such as the plan to build crowded, battery cages for chickens, advancing amendments to the Animal Welfare Act, and more.

Join the tens of thousands who have already signed the petition to end live animal shipments.