Animals Now’s education project is one of our oldest initiatives - for over 15 years, Animals Now speakers have been giving lectures to tens of thousands of young people, university students and soldiers each year, all around the country. We are always happy to welcome new speakers.

הרצאה על זכויות בעלי חיים למורים

Teaching Compassion

In recent years, we have deepened our connection with teachers and educators. We teach lectures as supplementary classes through the Department of Education and teaching colleges, on ways to cultivate compassion towards animals among students.

For teachers who are interested in incorporating animal rights-related material into their curriculum, we offer a handbook written in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Teachers and educators are also invited to order Ministry of Environmental Protection posters which advocate compassion towards animals, through our organization.

פעולה לבני נוער

Lesson Plan Development

Animals Now operates a lesson plan website “Live Activity”, which offers a database of dozens of lesson plans and activities related to animal rights for schools and youth groups. Additionally, Animals Now has assembled several animal rights training kits in cooperation with various youth movements such as the Tzofim and Bnei HaMoshavim.

Want to Join Our Team?

We are always happy to welcome new teachers and educators who have a passion for the cause