Grassroots Activism

Empowering change from the grassroots, through education, protest, and outreach

פעילי אנימלס

We advocate for every animals’ right to a life free from suffering in actions all over the world, engaging the public and inspiring change.

We mobilize people to take action against animal suffering on the street, in the classroom, online – normalizing the conversation about animal rights and keeping the issue in the spotlight. Thousands of volunteers have made a difference by mentoring in our international vegan support program, Challenge 22.

פעילי אנימלס

Young people play a central role in the animal rights movement and the university campus is an excellent place to advocate for animal rights!

Our student chapters hold activities and outreach on campuses, organizing lectures and debates and working to make campus cafeterias more vegan-friendly.

We rely on the dedication of our amazing volunteers to run public outreach events that increase awareness about animal cruelty and the many ways we can help animals today.

Every protest, every outreach event, every action brings us closer to our goal of ending animal abuse worldwide.

Want to Help?

We are always happy to welcome new volunteers.
Write to us about your talents and how you’d like to contribute, and we’ll get in touch with you.