Our Campaigns and Accomplishments in 2020

ינואר 10, 2021

Animals Now comes to the end of a year of intensive work: A year where Challenge 22 exceeded half a million participants, where we reached 20,000 students and adults with our educational program and hosted workshops for a thousand educators, advocated in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and the courts, and our content reached millions of views on social media. We’re proud to present just a handful of our achievements this year, across our main projects.

כבש חמוד

Activities and Accomplishments in 2019

דצמבר 30, 2019

Activities and Accomplishmentsin 2019 Animals Now is wrapping up a year full of exciting, intensive activities to promote animal rights. We are happy to share a brief, non-exhaustive summary of the activities in our key projects. Legislation and Policy Animals Now works to establish animal-friendly policies. Our representatives initiate bill proposals and political processes, participate…

אתגר 22 בהפגנה למען בעלי חיים

Animals Now – Activities and Accomplishments in 2018

ינואר 6, 2019

We are excited to embark on our 25th year with our name change: from Anonymous to Animals Now. Animal Protection Legislation Animals Now works to establish policies which are considerate to animals, and we hired a professional lobbying firm. Our representatives participate in Knesset (Israeli Parliament) discussions and present information to Knesset members and government…