Our Campaigns and Accomplishments in 2021

דצמבר 30, 2021

Animals Now continued standing up for animals in 2021, with investigations broadcast in the national news, intensive activity in parliament, lectures to thousands of people and more…

מיצג מחאה של אנימלס מ-2020 תעשיית הפרוות מייצרת מגפות

How did we make Israel the first country in the world to ban the fur trade?

יולי 11, 2021

The domino effect of the fight against fur around the world is now unmistakable. In recent weeks we have seen other EU countries ban fur farming. At the same time, more and more fashion chains around the world continue to announce an end to the use of fur in their products. There is no doubt that we are now making real progress in the fight for animals in the fur industry, and the clothing industry in general.

ייצגנו את בעלי החיים בתקשורת

Our Campaigns and Accomplishments in 2020

ינואר 10, 2021

Animals Now comes to the end of a year of intensive work: A year where Challenge 22 exceeded half a million participants, where we reached 20,000 students and adults with our educational program and hosted workshops for a thousand educators, advocated in the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and the courts, and our content reached millions of views on social media. We’re proud to present just a handful of our achievements this year, across our main projects.

כבש חמוד

Activities and Accomplishments in 2019

דצמבר 30, 2019

Activities and Accomplishmentsin 2019 Animals Now is wrapping up a year full of exciting, intensive activities to promote animal rights. We are happy to share a brief, non-exhaustive summary of the activities in our key projects. Legislation and Policy Animals Now works to establish animal-friendly policies. Our representatives initiate bill proposals and political processes, participate…

אתגר 22 בהפגנה למען בעלי חיים

Animals Now – Activities and Accomplishments in 2018

ינואר 6, 2019

We are excited to embark on our 25th year with our name change: from Anonymous to Animals Now. Animal Protection Legislation Animals Now works to establish policies which are considerate to animals, and we hired a professional lobbying firm. Our representatives participate in Knesset (Israeli Parliament) discussions and present information to Knesset members and government…