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Throughout 2021, Animals Now has continued to fight for every animal imprisoned in the farming industry. Our work has taken many forms: we took intensive action in the Israeli parliament, saw our investigations aired on national news, and held lectures for over 20,000 people across the country. Our message reached millions of people, and Challenge 22 continued operating as the largest vegan project in the country and one of the biggest – if not the biggest – in the world.

How we advocated for animals in 2021

שועלים משחקים בטבע

We defeated the fur industry!

Earlier this year, Gila Gamliel, the then Minister of Environmental Protection, approved the regulations we have been promoting to stop fur for fashion once and for all – a move that saves innumerable animals from the cruel reality of the fur industry. This historic achievement made headlines worldwide and makes Israel the first nation-state to ban the sale of fur for fashion!

פעלנו למען התרנגולות בתעשיית הביצים

We got one step closer to the end of the cage age

We fought on every stage for a ban on cages in the egg industry. We accompanied Agriculture Minister Oded Forer on a tour of egg-laying chicken facilities, during which he promised to promote regulations halting the construction of caged facilities. We took part in a discussion on the subject in the Knesset (Israeli parliament)’s Education Committee and joined the committee’s tour of the facilities. We managed to help get bills introduced that ban keeping chickens in cages. At the same time, as part of an international coalition to promote corporate responsibility, we worked with companies to remove eggs from cages from supply chains. The fight to end the cage age goes on – until the last chicken is freed from the confines of these cages.

We also took action to stop cages in the meat industry – we successfully blocked funding for a chicken experiment from an animal welfare budget designed to protect animals. We are taking legal action to find out what exactly was planned in this experiment and to stop further deterioration in the conditions that chickens have to endure in the meat industry.

פרה והעגל שלה

We continued the fight to stop live shipments

This year, seven bills were submitted to stop live shipments, which Animals Now promotes in parliament and various government departments. The bills were introduced at the initiative of Knesset members Yasmin Fridman, Mossi Raz, Alon Tal, Sharren Haskel, Miki Zohar, Ibtisam Mara’ana, Naama Lazimi, and others who joined from across the political spectrum.

In an unprecedented investigation of live shipments, we revealed the living nightmare that animals endure both during their journey and once they reach land. The unbearable treatment continues as animals are unloaded from ships at Israeli ports, at quarantine stations, in fattening pens, on trucks – at every single step of their journey, including the final drive to the slaughterhouse. Footage from the investigation was broadcast in the main edition of N12 News, and following our findings, our Legal Department has filed 17 complaints of criminal offenses.

This year we also went to the High Court after the Ministry of Agriculture failed to deal with previous complaints we had filed about animal cruelty offenses. Following the petition, the ministry claimed that these cases had been closed, but we will continue to fight for the offenders to be prosecuted.

טלה עם פתק בחירות

We put animals on the political agenda

Before the elections, Animals Now and Let the Animals Live held the Political Animal panel, attended by political candidates from 8 different parties and moderated by journalist Ran Binyamini. 600 viewers attended via Zoom, and many thousands more joined on social media. We heard lots of very positive statements, and we’re now working hard to make these promises a reality.


We exposed the cruelty of the duck industry

Our investigative team carried out an in-depth investigation to expose the reality of the industry behind the family-friendly image of the tourist attraction “Ducks in the Village”. Following this eye-opening investigation, we filed complaints about both animal cruelty offenses and environmental offenses, and we are working hard to close the place.

בית משפט

We fought for justice for the victims of abuse

Our investigative team toured dozens of factory farms, and our legal department filed about 30 complaints of abuse found at these facilities. These reports have been filed to both the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

And this year finally saw the conviction of those involved in animal cruelty offenses in the sheep milk industry, following our 2017 investigation.

שתילי סויה רכים באדמה

We promoted government policies to encourage plant-based nutrition

In the run-up to the UN Food Systems Summit, we helped draw up the document submitted by Israel for a sustainable food strategy. Thanks to our involvement, the strategy includes the major commitment to reduce animal protein consumption to the level recommended by the Ministry of Health by 2030 – this means cutting meat consumption by about 50%!! The plan includes a budget for the development of plant proteins, taxation of environmentally harmful foods, goals for the reduction of fishing, and more. We are now working hard to implement the strategy, along with other members of a coalition for the promotion of a plant-based diet run by the umbrella organization, Life & Environment. Earlier this year, we also met with the Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, and she announced that the Ministry would no longer serve meat at their events!

דג סלמון קופץ

We advocated for fish

We filed a petition in the High Court after our complaints about violations of the Animal Cruelty Act in fish farms were left unaddressed. Following the petition, the Ministry of Agriculture claimed these cases were closed – but we filed an appeal and will continue to stand up for them. Our social media campaign #LetTheFishSwim was a huge success again this year, and more and more people are opening their hearts to the suffering of fish.

מסביב לעולם עם אתגר 22 מסביב לעולם עם אתגר 22

We challenged the world to try veganism

In 2021, Challenge 22 continued to encourage people worldwide to adopt a plant-based diet – and over 125,000 people accepted the challenge! Among them are more than 60,000 Spanish speakers from around the world, who enjoyed the support of our amazing team in the Spanish-language challenge. Challenge 22 is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective projects for introducing people to veganism in a supportive and positive environment. All this is only possible thanks to our wonderful volunteers worldwide – from the Netherlands, Vietnam, Germany, India, the USA, and everywhere in between. Our Challenge 22 mentors do incredible work helping people experience a vegan lifestyle.

And the Challenge 22 community just keeps on growing! This year in the Challenge 22 Community Program, we continued to support organizations worldwide as they develop their own local vegan challenges, following the format of Challenge 22. We collaborated with 14 organizations, and those challenges welcomed 65,000 new participants in 2021! Projects in Thailand, Romania, Chile, Nigeria, and Vietnam are just some of those joining us on our mission to show the world the benefits of veganism!

man giving lecture to kids with a slideshow about animals behind him man giving lecture to kids with a slideshow about animals behind him

We invested in future generations

This year our education project reached about 20,000 teenagers and adults with our lectures and workshops, both via Zoom and in person! In addition to lectures in schools and youth movements, we gave talks to employees of huge companies like Google and Intel, the Ministry of Health, representatives of Israeli embassies at the Foreign Ministry conference, teachers in training courses of the Ministry of Education, education students, pre-military preparatory students, regional climate conference participants, and more. Participants enjoyed one of our two educational programs: Share the World dealing with animal rights, and Change Begins on Your Plate – experiential educational sessions on sustainable nutrition, which we run in collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Life & Environment. Our program doesn’t just raise awareness and spark conversation on these subjects – we also showcase just how delicious vegan food is by providing vegan meals in class and holding an entirely plant-based ‘MasterChef’ competition.

We also shared lesson plans on animal rights and sustainable diets for special events (Animal Rights Day, Earth Day, and Tu BiShvat, when we encourage schools to celebrate ecological awareness focused on sustainable food patterns). More than 7,000 teachers used these lesson plans!

We continued to invest in preparing and distributing lesson plans for teachers through our Live Act website and other channels, and we reached over 100,000 users. One of our significant achievements was launching a page of lesson plans in Arabic.

We worked with decision-makers in parliament: We participated in Education Committee discussions and promoted education to reduce animal-based food consumption. The committee’s chair, Sharren Haskel, called on Ministry of Education representatives to add this topic to the curriculum! We have also been campaigning for the removal of school petting zoos due to the harm caused to the animals. The Animal Welfare Advisory Committee to the Government has added this to the recommendations submitted to the Minister of Education.

אנימלס בחדשות אנימלס בחדשות

We put animals in the spotlight

We promoted over 150 articles and items across the media: on television, radio, and digital and print press. And we’re making waves on social media – on Facebook, we published over 100 videos, and our Facebook, Instagram, and Challenge 22 pages combined reached more than 60 million(!) people. We posted 20 videos on YouTube, mostly in our unique series What’s Up With..?, and Vegan Life, and we reached 1.2 million views. And we’re also on Tiktok – where we’ve posted about 200 videos and got 3 million views, wow!

This year, Animals Now websites had over 3.7 million views! The Israeli Vegetarian and Vegan website, one of our leading projects, reached over 1.7 million users and over 2.7 million total views this year. 1,500 Israelis who visited the site and enjoyed our recipes also signed up for Challenge 22.

And although 2021 was a challenging year, we took to the streets to speak up for animals. We spoke to people at public events, at universities, we took part in the Pride Marches in Jerusalem and Haifa, joined the Climate March, represented veganism at a Health and Fitness Festival, and a variety of other large events. At these events, over 400 people signed up for Challenge 22, and over 1,000 people said they would change their eating habits after talking to us!

This wraps up some of our most significant wins for animals in 2021. Join us as we stand up for animals in 2022!

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